Sacred Name Song

A custom created meditation tool from Craig Howell based on your name and soul energies

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Your name is not an accident. Through spiritual intervention, you received just the right name to describe your soul’s work in this world, your strengths, your weakness and your life lessons. It is your mantra in a way. When you speak it in a meditative state, or listen to the corresponding note patterns, you balance your soul energies and remind yourself why you are here. What you will receive is a 10-15 minute individualized, personalized, custom meditation tool created just for you and ONLY you.

Listening to your name song will…
*Help to balance your energies
*Link you back to your soul purpose
*Be especially effective after a long day’s work. (All you have to do is listen)
*Release your creativity, stresses and limitations
*Break up negative energies in your energy field