Guide Group Fridays

Guide Group Fridays coverGuide Group Fridays Coming from Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing in December 2014!!

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 Friday is an important day on Sherri Cortland’s Facebook page:  It’s the day that one of her Guides (Jeremy, Gilbert, Olexeoporath, Selena, Charles, Akhnanda and Sunna) channels a special message to remind us about (1) just who we really are on a soul level; and (2) how to use the innate power we all possess to spot our windows of opportunity for growth, raise our vibrations and move ourselves forward spiritually.   What you’ll find within these pages are channeled posts from her Guides;  observations and comments from Sherri about the topics covered; plus…the bonus of added wisdom from metaphysical and spiritual authors Shelly R. Wilson, Jill LeBeau, and Paula Renaye.

“…Unseen bonds connect you to each other for the purpose of reaching important goals and completing important plans of action…”–Gilbert

“…’Know yourself’ are words that are frequently used on the Earth plane, are they not?  Let’s employ them now for spiritual growth purposes…”–Selena

“… let’s speak of the brigade of Spirit that surrounds you.  Sit still and you will feel the energy and presence of your Guides who are always nearby, supporting you and cheering you on…”—Jeremy

“…It is time to trust yourself and trust the guidance that comes from within…”—Sunna

“…You are eternally connected to your Higher Self, and your Higher Self is the cradle of wisdom for you when you are incarnate[on planet Earth]…”—Akhnanda

“…Doing the things you are interested in doing will help you discover things about yourself that will help you discern your path…” –Charles

“…You that you have taken great pains to be where you are, to be on planet Earth at this time, and are here with a purpose…”–Olexeoporath

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