Workshops and Workshops on CD

The following workshops were originally developed for Dolores Cannon’s Transformations Conferences, and are now available in your home with Sherri leading the workshops or on CD for you to work with at your leisure: 

CD’s for home use: Workshops are also available on CD for at home use.  If you’re interested in doing these workshops at home, please see below for workshop descriptions and the link to purchase the CD’s separately or as a set .  They are $10 each, two or $18, or all  three for $25.  The S&H cost is $5.95 for shipping within the USA—for outside of the USA, please email me at with your address and I’ll call the post office to get the correct rate.

Live workshop: If you live within an hour’s drive of Orlando, Florida,  Sherri will facilitate one or both of these workshops for your group, either in your home or meeting place.  There is a 10 person minimum and no maximum to hold a workshop.  Workshops are $30 per person for one workshop; and $25 per person for two or more workshops on the same day (no charge for the person hosting).  Copies of the workshop(s) on CD are included and each workshop is approximately 90 minutes.  For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Sherri at

Workshops Descriptions


Direct Communication with Spirit:

Sherri’s mantra is “Everyone deserves DIRECT communication with Spirit,” and during this workshop she will share how she began channeling Spirit via automatic writing, demonstrate how she connects with Spirit in this way, and then guide the class through an automatic writing exercise. Sherri will also discuss direct communication via meditation with intent and lead guided meditations designed to help participants connect with and receive messages from your Higher Self/Spirit Guides and the Angelic realm. A copy of this workshop on CD is included for all participants. (Approximately 90 minutes)  To order this CD, click this link:


Expediting our Spiritual Growth:

Incorporating channeled teachings from her Guide Groups from her books  Windows of Opportunity, Raising our Vibrations for the New Age, and Spiritual Toolbox, Sherri will give participants the tools to develop a skill that will expedite spiritual growth:  recognizing windows of opportunity.  Also covered are how planning our incarnation, karma, life scripts, & relationship villains relate to our Spiritual to-do list for this lifetime and each segment is designed to help participants (1) master the skill of creating less Karmic Debt; (2) find and put an end to life scripts that are keeping them from moving forward; (3) spotting triggers; and (4) learn to spot windows of opportunity early in order to reduce drama, struggle and pain during our current incarnation.  A copy of this workshop on CD is included for all participants.  (Approximately 90 minutes)  To order this CD, click this link:


Balancing our Chakras: 

There are seven main chakras, located on the midline of the body, and they are each associated with our physical, mental, and emotional health.  When our chakras are balanced, we are healthy and happy.  Chakras are the centers of energy in our bodies.  They are the openings for our life force (Chi) to flow into and out of our aura, and throughout our bodies.  Their function is to vitalize the body and bring about the development of our self-consciousness.  In this workshop, Sherri explores the history of chakra balancing, the effect unbalanced chakras have on our physical health & emotional well-being, reviews the seven main chakras, and leads a chakra-balancing meditation.  A copy of this workshop on CD is included for all participants.  (Approximately 90 minutes)  To order this CD, click this link:

To purchase two or three CD’s, please click one of the following links: