Raising Our Vibrations


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:: The human race is evolving! Learn what we can do to raise our personal vibrations, generate positive energy, and assist our beloved planet during our shift in consciousness

:: The 2012 scare: what’s really happening

:: Our Atlantean, Arcturian, and Plieadian connections

:: Facing & overcoming fear to expedite spiritual growth

:: How and why we must use our immense power to manifest wisely

:: New Earth and what we can expect to experience there


“Via stunningly authentic, clear connection with her guides, enhanced by her own breathtaking intuitive wisdom and profound spiritual insight [Cortland] offers answers to our questions about the shifts rocking our lives…If you desire to restore your equilibrium and progress instead of getting stuck, Raising Our Vibrations is a vital how-to and a must-have!” ~ Irene Lucas, author of Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days

“Throughout my reading of Sherri Cortland’s book, Raising Your Vibrations for the New Age, I had a perpetual smile on my face. This was not only because Sherri tells us that smiling is the single, most important thing we can do to raise our vibrations, but also because what she shares in it resonated deep within my heart, and greatly added to my excitement regarding where we are headed! For all of you who want essential information that will help you understand our future, and prepare for and utilize the many tools available for this shift, for all Lightworkers, and for those still questioning whether the new age is truly upon us, I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. This author has the courage to talk about things we aren’t talking about but should be. She has the intelligence to question some long-held beliefs that need to be reevaluated. She has the heart to do everything in her power to help humanity shift into a new earth, as easily as possible, and her genuine enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. Sherri is a clear and responsible channel who is bringing vital and divine information forth to help us all. I hope you read it for yourself, and then I’ll bet you’ll find yourself smiling too!” ~ Mary Soliel, author of Michael’s Clarion Call and I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives

“Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age provides a clear and concise description of the Shift and all of the important patterns that will take place in our society. Ms. Cortland does a beautiful job of explaining what the Shift entails as well as the many new and remarkable planetary lessons that will evolve from it. This includes everything from how to accept the pattern changes around us to naturopathy. This book will assure that the novice has an understanding of what will happen as well as offering some fresh and thoughtful lessons for the more advanced Lightworker. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Justine Alessi, author of Rebirth of the Oracle, Tarot for the Modern World

“A fascinating guide into how to live through upcoming spiritual & global shifts. Easy to read, interesting and useful.” ~ Alice Grist, Author, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living and The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment

“Sherri Cortland has a multidimensional wisdom that transcends current perspectives. Her ability to capture this wisdom into the physicality of words and share in a clear and easy to read manner is her grace. To this day,  I continue to refer to her book “Windows of Opportunity regularly. I am thrilled to have access to more of Sherri’s wisdom in Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age. Having such guidance, I embrace life on new earth with open arms.”  ~ Jennifer Crews , M.A.  Self-Evolution Expert; Author of Understanding the New Children – Chapter 26 in Power of the Magdalene. Jennifer Crews U R Enough