Q. Are you available for interviews, discussions, or book signings?
A.  Absolutely!  I can be reached at SherriCortland.com or SCortland@cfl.rr.com. 

Q. What made you decide to “come out of the New Age Closet”?
A. It’s hard to explain, but it became harder to NOT write the books than to not write them—the Guide Group was very insistent.  It’s no secret that I had reservations about writing and publishing this book.  It meant I would have to acknowledge my belief in Karma, Reincarnation, UFO’s and other subjects that don’t necessarily go hand in hand with a career in the vacation industry.  When I began taking dictation from the Guide Group for “Windows of Opportunity,”, I thought, ‘I’ll humor them and take the notes—this will never become a published book” to which they responded, ‘Leave it to us!” And when it was finished and time to send it to potential publishers, knowing how hard it is to have a book published, I thought that would be the end of it!  I sent it to 6 Publishers and received very lovely rejection letters from five, and a phone call from Dolores Cannon of Ozark Mountain Publishing saying they wanted to publish my manuscript.  I think this book contains information that the Guide Group really wanted to get out to the public. 

Q. Are you worried that publishing these books will hurt your career?
A.  Back in the 90’s, I lost two promotions because one of my personal ‘relationship villains’ twisted my herbology studies and New Age beliefs to make me sound very crazy to those who were doing the job interviews.  Because I lost those promotions, I ended up with what I felt then, and still feel was a much better promotion about six months later!  At this point in my career, I’m a Director with 19 years at my current company—they know who I am and what I bring to the table with regard to my position with them. I don’t feel like my current position is in jeopardy or that these books will keep me from future promotions.  Actually, I think coming out of my closet, so to speak, in my 50’s, and having the career that I do have, helps tremendously with my credibility in writing these books.  I have a great job, I have a great husband, and I have a great life—why jeopardize any of it with metaphysical books?  Because there are messages in it that the Guide Group want out there! 

Q. What’s in the books that the Guide Groups want people to know?
A. I can remember saying to the Guide Groups, ‘A lot of what’s in these books is already out there, why put it out there again?’ and they told me that the way the information is relayed in the book is basic and easy to understand for those new to these topics, but also those familiar with Karma and Reincarnation would learn about Windows of Opportunity and Relationship Villains. They also want people to stop stressing out about 2012 and to learn about our Atlantean and Galactic heritage.  Spiritual Toolbox is chock full of exercises and info to help readers make direct contact with Spirit. 

Q.What do you, as the author, think your readers will get out of your books?
A. The most important thing that I want to understand is that they can enjoy direct communication with Spirit on a personal level. It’s also my hope that they will accelerate their spiritual growth by learning to recognize their personal windows of opportunity early so they don’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over again throughout their lives.  I would also like them to understand that we are all responsible for our own lives and to find the strength to take control of their lives.  We all have drama, pain and suffering, but we can learn from those experiences and  minimize them in the future.   One concept that I wasn’t familiar with until the information was dictated to me was that of ‘Relationship Villains,’ and I think learning about them and how to recognize the different types in our lives will keep us from holding grudges and help us take control of and get on with our lives.  I also want them to see how easy it is to saturate this planet with positive energy and decrease the amount of negative energy that we put out.  We’re evolving, and the Shift in Consciousness is something to be proud of, not to fear. 

Q. When did you first start to do Automatic Writing?
A. It was during a psychic development class I was taking with some friends.  The teacher, Cyndi,  passed out paper and pencil and announced it were going to do “Automatic Writing.”  I didn’t think I could do it and I was saying so to my friends when I felt the energy come through my arm and the pencil starting drawing circles by itself!  I just sat there staring at my arm and hand moving by themselves and the teacher said, “Control it!”  I couldn’t control it that night, but I continued to practice and the circles turned into words and then back and forth discussions with Jeremy, my Spirit Guide. 

Q. Is it dangerous to do Automatic Writing?
A. No, because I always protect myself first with a prayer of protection that the teacher taught the class to always do before opening ourselves up to any kind of psychic activity.  The book contains a chapter with instructions on how to do Automatic Writing so that readers can  open channels to their own Spiritual Guides, and I am very insistent that mine, or another, prayer of protection be used whenever one is meditating or opening themselves to Spirit.