Windows of Opportunity


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Are accidents pre-planned events that we choose to experience?
Are the people we perceive as our enemies in fact our closest universal friends?
Is it possible to speed up spiritual growth and complete our “to do” list for this lifetime more quickly?

The answer to these questions is “YES!”

As we become consciously aware of and begin to recognize the windows of opportunity we personally built into our life plans, we can walk through them quickly and effectively. Through automatic writing, the author’s Guide Group (“GG”) provides channeled insight into the relationships, trials, and tragedies that are part of our daily lives.

The “GG” initiated the “Windows of Opportunity” project to help us . . .

  1. Discover and understand that we each choose and pre-plan what happens to us
  2. Recognize windows of opportunity as they open
  3. Avoid life scripts
  4. Develop a better understanding of personal relationships
  5. Accelerate spiritual learning and growth
  6. Complete your karmic “to do” list faster and with less pain and effort

Reviews of Sherri Cortland’s Windows of Opportunity:

“… I was completely absorbed and didn’t want it to end. Cortland takes us on a journey of self discovery and growth, while introducing us to such complex subjects as reincarnation, Karma, evolution, automatic writing, and time travel in a clear, concise and completely believable manner. Rich with personal antidotes and a generous dose of humor, this book is a wonderful guide to help us see “Windows of Opportunity’ in our every day lives. It’s written so personally, is clear and easy to understand, yet offers profound teachings, or ‘windows of opportunity’ that can change our lives for the better.  Without really intending to, the author has provided a guide to good living.  Cortland makes the ‘supernatural’ easy and believable, as she channels wisdom from a friendly group of guides.”  ~ Rosemary Gladstar, Author “Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal,” & “Herbal Healing for Women”

“In her book, “Windows of Opportunity,” Sherri Cortland gives the reader a brilliant and perspective approach into understanding who we are, why we’re here and the very nature of our existence. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to know answers from the other side of the veil about life’s lessons and the purpose of our life’s journeys.” ~ Nikki Pattillo, Author “Star Children: Advice for Parents and Star Children”

“The book is well written and easy to understand.  This is a worthwhile book for anyone to read.” ~ Hazel Bonnett, M.D., Author “The View from Eternity,” & “Confessions of a Healer”

“Life is all about change—nothing would evolve otherwise.  [The Author’s] honesty with reference to her personal journal is very refreshing.  The book is well-written and easy to read.” ~ Vara Humphrey, Author “The Science of Knowledge”

“Windows of Opportunity is itself one of those windows … filled with reminders that life’s design can be trusted fully. Rest easy, it’s all for the benefit of our growth and development.” ~ Ron Chapman, Author “Seeing True:Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days” and “What a Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes.”