Spiritual Toolbox CD Track List

Spiritual Toolbox CD

Due to a mistake at the printer, the track list was inadvertently left off of the CD.
Here is a list of the tracks so you can easily find the meditation/exercise you want to work with:

Track one:      Honor our Light Exercise    3:08

Track two:      Releasing & Forgiveness Exercise   3:99

Track three:    Access Akashic Records  6:52

Track four:      Connect with Higher Self   11:20

Track five:       Connect with Guides  10:53

Track six:        Crystal Meditation  15:15

Track seven:   Quick Chakra Balancing   5:45

Track eight:    Seed Sound Exercise  5:39

Track nine:     Chakra Balancing Meditation  15:41

The meditation music on this CD is from author/channeler/composer Craig Howell’s ‘Mayan Days of Sound,’ and you can find more of Craig’s wonderful music at his website:  http://chowell.wix.com/2012vision