Spiritual Toolbox Reviews

Spiritual Toolbox Reviews!

As a Lightworker and Spiritual Teacher, I believe that Spiritual Toolbox is an essential read for all who are on a spiritual journey. This is truly a guidebook for Lightworkers, and covers a plethora of topics ranging from the Akashic records to Walk-ins, and is a great reference tool. ~ Shelly Wilson, Intuitive Medium/Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher, author of 28 Days to a New YOU and Connect to the YOU Within 

Sherri and her amazing GG (Guide Group) have done it again.  This is one incredible treasure trove of powerful spiritual principles and practices that will give you exactly what you need to accelerate the growth of your Soul.  You’ll love Sherri’s conversational, down to earth writing style and feel as though you are chatting with your best friend, guiding you on the adventure of your life.  Here’s the perfect DPS (Divine Positioning System) to show you simple, effective ways to deepen your connection to Spirit and your entire Spiritual Entourage.  Thank you Sherri! ~ Jill Lebeau, Co-Author of Feng Shui Your Mind, Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!

Spiritual Tool Box is a rich metaphysical encyclopaedia and DIY guidebook for spiritual expansion that is at once enlightening, deeply moving and incredibly empowering. Sherri Cortland and her guides show us how to access what our souls already know and explain it all in simple, “now it makes sense” terms. A must-read for those who call themselves Lightworkers and those who should.  ~ Paula Renaye, author of Living the Life You Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation

Spiritual Toolbox is heart-expanding, empowering, and enlightening.  Sherri Cortland has done it again…created yet another masterpiece of spiritually inspiring information delivered in a down to earth fashion!  Offering an abundance of practical resources that encourage the expedition of our spiritual growth, this book is a must read for all those ready to step into the next dimension of high vibration living. ~ Keri Nola, author of A Year on Your Path to Growh—Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with your Soul and 44 Holistic Tips for Peaceful Sleep

Spiritual Toolbox is a timely book for all Lightworkers, but especially for those who have been working at it for many years.  It’s a great reminder of how much we need to walk our talk, and do our work as healers and Lightworkers.  Thank you, Sherri, for the energetic kick in the butt, and important reminder that we still have work to do while in physical form on 3D Earth.  ~ Mitchell Osborn, Psychic Medium – Animal Communicator – Intuitive Soul & Wellness Coach

Spiritual Toolbox is a great way to Explore Beyond the Usual and go deeper within yourself to help find the answers to the important questions in your life. ~ R.Ann Rousseau, author of Portsmouth, a Love Story and owner of the Explore Beyond the usual Blog

Cortland’s upbeat style and openness about her own process are a breath of fresh air that make this both informative and inviting, especially for newcomers to the metaphysical world.  Spiritual Toolbox is a wonderful compendium of concepts and practices to help people transition into higher dimensions. Sherri Cortland covers a wide range of topics, including the higher self, Akashic Records, Communicating with Spirit, Walk-Ins, Karma, Crystals, and Chakras. ~  Mercedes Kirkel, Spiritual Teacher, Channeler, and the author of Mary Magdelene Beckons, Join the River of Love.

Once again Sherri does not disappoint. This well balanced book and warm-hearted book gives answers to the questions so many of us have about the transition to 5D and our life plans for the journey of the soul. She tells us that no soul is evil and that we are able to have conversations with our spirit helpers. There are so many subjects clearly explained with easy to follow exercises throughout. This well written book will change the way you see yourself and your journey.  Can you afford not to have this important information? ~ Shirley Battie, author of  Spirit Speaks, Being Human, Beyond the Stairs—an Invitiation to Walk in Other Dimensions, and Channeling: Use your Psychic Powers to Contact your Spirit Guides

In Spiritual Toolbox, Sherri Cortland provides clear and compelling instructions on how we can raise our vibrations (and enjoy better balance in our lives) by connecting with Spirit and our Higher Selves through meditation and automatic writing. This book is an essential tool for everyone who wants to accelerate the transition to the New Earth. Sherri Cortland’s latest book, Spiritual Tool Box, is a fascinating exploration of who we are, our purpose for being on Earth, and our connection to Spirit and the Universe. The principal message in this book, that we are all eternal souls who came here to learn and experience, is uplifting and comforting  and provides new hope for the many people who are still searching for the truth about life, death, and God. ~ Garnet Schulhauser, author of Dancing on a Stamp

Here is a book that makes sense. If you are seeking self-healing, this is the book which will empower you. If you desire greater happiness, this is the book to guide you. And, if you want to do your part to heal the planet, this is the book which will inform and motivate you. Those who pick up this book – and everyone who wants a better life and a better world should – will learn how to be ‘Lightworkers’ and ‘Warriors.’ As Lightworkers they are enlightened beings who are here not only to experience greater growth and evolution but are present to help humankind do the same. As Warriors they serve on the front lines of a spiritual battle helping light overcome darkness and revealing how highest hopes can overcome deepest fears.  Sherri Cortland’s book is user friendly and immensely practical. It is a powerful tool to help all spiritual seekers make the journey from the lower-self to your Higher Self, from suffering to awakening. ~ Victor M. Parachin, author of Sit a Bit: 5 minute Meditations for Every Occasion, Healing Grief, and Swami Vivekananda: Essential Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters)